Monday, December 9, 2013

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery is Hollywood's better kept, smaller, oft-forgotten sibling. Make no mistake, Magnolia is not in great shape and needs restoration. Badly. But when the cemetery next door looks like this...

Hollywood Cemetery/Personal Collection
It's easy to overlook the restoration needs of it's next door neighbor.

Magnolia Cemetery by Jon Fuller from FindaGrave
However, I'm worried that Magnolia is reaching a crisis point. It's just a better groomed crisis point.

I took this picture of Baby Allen's headstone in April, 2009.

Personal Collection
Judy Brantley Wilson added this photo to Find A Grave in in March, 2013.

Photo By Judy Brantley Wilson. Find A Grave.
Damage from a storm? Vandalism? Age related deterioration? I'm not sure, but it's not a good sign. Even back in 2009 I knew that Magnolia was missing monuments. My great-great-grandmother Mary Camp Mooney is buried at Magnolia (her death certificate and obituary back this up). Her granddaughter (my grandmother) clearly remembers a monument. I can't find it, and I've searched several times. 

So, what do we know about Magnolia? Not much. I spent some time researching the cemetery, and I still don't have a lot of information.

This is what I know so far:

  • Find A Grave lists 1.374 internments.
  • It's also "owned" by Lincoln (just like Hollywood), who does keep the grass cut!
  • I believe the cemetery opened around 1921. I formed this opinion because that's earliest date I've found obituaries listing burials at Magnolia and the information on Find A Grave backs this up.
  • However, there are burials with an earlier date of death buried at Magnolia. In each case I found the deceased was a baby or child. I think the children were moved later and buried with their parents, perhaps when the parents could afford a large lot so the family could be together. 
  • Burials still occur at Magnolia.
That's all I've uncovered to date. 

Does anyone have any additional information about Magnolia Cemetery?

Here's the address and Lincoln's phone number, just in case anyone needs it.

1361 Hollywood Road
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 404-792-2220



  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I found myself on Hollywood Rd due to GPS taking me there on my way elsewhere. It reminded me that my mother in laws parents are buried there. Tried finding their grave many years ago but could not. Went to findagrave just hoping someone had uploaded some records but again nothing. Found this post as I was reading other things on the cemetery. So sad the condition it is in.

  2. My Grandmother Amzel Simpson is supposed to be there she was buried some time in 93 or 94 as my favorite Aunt Joyce Simpson Tatum also a cousin baby can't remember first name /Simpson. I'm going to try to find these when i get a chance to go up there . MY Aunt died sometime in 62 or 63