Friday, May 29, 2009

Clean Up Day Saturday December 6, 2009

The Lincoln Cemetery office, which is located 2275 Simpson Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30314, phone number (404) 792-2220, says that Hollywood Road Cemetery is most transversable from Thanksgiving to Easter. Only in that time frame will they guide people to their family's plot.

I think that's a good rule for us to follow. So our first Hollywood Road Cemetery Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th, 2009. It's early enough in the Christmas season that everyone shouldn't be crazy busy, but still warm enough so that we don't freeze!

Wear old clothes and gloves. I also like to wear rubber fishing or rainboots while I'm in Hollywood...just in case. For those of you who have been nervous about going there alone, this will be a great chance to go when lots of people will be about. 

If you are planning to make this your first trip to Hollywood Cemetery, please call the office to get your family's plot information. I'll bring copies of maps.

If you don't have family at Hollywood but would like to come anyway, please do! We need people to help clear the paths.