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Hollywood Cemetery Corporation Ad For Lots: October 15, 1903

Note: This is an incredibly interesting ad from 1903. I have a few ads from the Hollywood Cemetery Corporation from this time period advertising a scheme where they guarantee the lots will double in five years-but in exchange you promise to give them any amount OVER $50 you sell the lots for after five years. Am I a cynic, or does this sound super fishy to anyone else? 

Most interesting to those of us interested in restoring HC is the line "Our sextons look after and protect every lot in the cemetery, so it takes none of your time and you have no taxes or expenses to pay."

Hmm...sort of sounds like an early idea of perpetual care, doesn't it? It makes me REALLY want to see a HCC deed. What, exactly, was the language used?

It's also interesting to note that apparently 2,000 people were already buried at the cemetery. Find a Grave has 6,264 internments listed. That means a 1/3 were buried in the first 10 years! I find that interesting. Either HCC was padding numbers or there are more people buried (or more concerning, a massive amounts of grave lost) than we know of.


Atlanta Constitution, October 25, 1903

The Constitution, Atlanta GA: Sunday, October 25 1903

20% Per Annum Guaranteed For 5 Years

On money invested in Hollywood Cemetery lots. Just outside the incorporate limits of the City of Atlanta, on street car line. Lots contain 216 square feet of land sell for $25.00 each, payable $2.00 per month without interest till paid for. Hollywood is strictly a white cemetery; there are over 2,000 people buried there.

Could you do better than buy Atlanta property where you know it is obliged to increase in value? There can be no risk in buying, as you know anyone can pay $25.00 for a lot when they have a year to pay it without any interest. It does not matter where you live, this investment will be as profitable to you living in California as in Georgia.

Our sextons look after and protect every lot in the cemetery, so it takes none of your time and you have no taxes or expenses to pay.

In making this trade you have not only the deeds as security for the $50 for each of your lots, but you have this company, that is worth one hundred thousand dollars, as security that you will get the $50 for each lots at the expiration of five years, making 20 per cent per annum net gain on your investment.

Our titles to this property are perfect. The company is in strong hands. We refer to Bradstreet, Third National Bank and Dun & Co as to our standing.

This is a straight business proposition, and any information you may desire will be furnished free on application at this office or by mail, giving in detail the manner in which these lots are sold, and the reason why the company can afford to do this; also stating in full how the company makes a profit by this guarantee, thereby increasing the value of all lots purchased by other parties.

Remember our proposition is simply this: We will guarantee you $50 for each lot in give years, if you will guarantee to give us all over $50 they bring in five years. Hollywood Cemetery Corporation, 311 Empire Building, Atlanta, GA. Office phone 3297.

If you want a safe, sure, and profitable investment, here it is, with or without this guarantee- take your choice.

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