Saturday, December 7, 2013

1893 Article Regarding Buying Hollywood Cemetery Plots

I know there are earlier articles about the founding of Hollywood Cemetery, but this is currently the oldest article in my possession! And it's fantastic. We hear from one of the founders, get a description of the Hollywood Road corridor, get a sense of the importance street cars played in the creation and early years of the cemetery, and learn the initial terms to buy a lot. I'm inserting a scan of the original article, but I'm also adding a transcription for easier reading.

Atlanta Constitution April 2, 1893


Lots at Hollywood Are in Great Demand


Where Lots That Will Increase In Value Can Be Bought Cheap and on Easy Terms

        “Hollywood cemetery lots are going like hot cakes,” said Dr. W.A. Baker yesterday, as he puffed the aroma of a delicious Havana.

“Yes, sir,” continued he, “Hollywood will be the burial ground of Atlanta within five years. Many of the best people in the city have purchased lots and they say they are going to beautify them to the full e extent of artistic embellishment. You see my cemetery has the advantage in location. Everybody that sees the beautiful landscape is in love with it and the impression is universal that a more appropriate spot could not have been selected for a burial ground.

“The property would have made a lovely suburban residence site and is being rapidly sandwiched by beautiful homes. But I thought Atlanta needed another cemetery. The e expense of burying our dead is enormous. It was with a view of reducing such expenses that determined me to plat this property into a cemetery. In laying it off I made the lots large and threaded them with wide walks and drives so as to make them perfectly accessible, while at the same time giving enough room for trees, shrubbery and flowers. In this way a distinct individuality is given to each lot.

“And yet these lots are within the reach of any citizen of Atlanta. I sell them all the way from $12.50 to $25 and require only $1.50 in advance. The balance is payable in monthly installments of $1. A man never misses the outlay and before he knows it he has finished paying for his lot.

“My terms have induced many to buy additional lots as an investment. Of course this kind of real estate will increase in value just like building sites and those who have bought surplus lots will sell out later on at a big profit.

“ Burial lots in some of the cemeteries are now selling at from $200 to $500 each and they are things that people are obliged to have if they do come high. Of course lots at Hollywood will rate at the same price later on. So you see that is why they are an investment.

“Hollywood, you know, is one the Chattahoochee electric line, just four and three-quarter miles from Atlanta. This is as near in as the law will allow a cemetery to be located. So there will be no new cemeteries to rival mine because of closer proximity. Therefore as an investment lots at Hollywood are safe.”

“I have an arrangement with the Chattahoochee electric line and all connecting carlines to transport corpses and funeral parties at remarkably low rates. This, you see, cuts down one of the principal items of expense and thereby commends Hollywood as a desirable burial ground. But just tell the readers of the Constitution to call on my in room 13 of the old capital building and I will make everything plain to them.”



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    This is the record that needs your approvals…
    Clyde Morgan Jr:

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