Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello. Like many other Atlanta born and breds I have family buried at Hollywood Cemetery (as well as Magnolia). However, that knowledge had fallen from family lore with the passage of years and I only recently discovered that one set of great-great-grandparents, two sets of great-great-great-grandparents, and various aunts and uncles are buried at Hollywood Cemetery.

Many of us are floating around the edges of genealogy and graving websites, attempting to figure out just what to do next. It is a daunting prospect. I used to teach in the area, and knew that Hollywood Cemetery was bad, but had no idea just how bad it was until I visited recently (and ran into a couple trying to locate their family's graves). Bad doesn't begin to describe it. Horrific is a much more appropriate adjective. Trash, reforestation, abandoned road ways, fallen monuments abound. Vegetation has grown so think that stairs and walls are completely covered. And sadly, you can make out that the landscaper was probably genius, because you can still make it out how he terraced a very large hill into workable plots and roads. Someone spent a lot of time and money designing Hollywood Cemetery originally, and there are some beautiful examples of headstones to be found still. Actually, I have a feeling that the forestation might have saved the headstones from vandalism, just because it is so difficult to access much of the cemetery.

There are three cemeteries on Hollywood Road that are connected. If you drive down Hollywood from Hollowell (which used to be known as Bankhead Highway) you will first see a well maintained cemetery on a hill on your right. That is Monte Vista. On your left is a terraced cemetery with the first few rows in acceptable condition and the back rows reverting to forest. That is part of Hollywood Cemetery. On your right is a forest with a set of stairs. Look closely. There is a sign that says "Non-Perpetual Care". Yeah, no joke! Next you will see a road on your right, turn there to enter Hollywood Cemetery. If you stay straight on Hollywood Road you will next see a flat cemetery, level with the road, where the grass is at least cut. That is Magnolia. Magnolia has suffered from vandalism and neglect over the years (I can't find my great-grandmother Mary Camp Mooney's headstone, although my grandmother clearly remembers her having one), but is in better condition.

All three of these cemeteries are "operated" by Lincoln Cemetery. Monte Vista is a perpetual care cemetery where they still sell plots and hold burials.

Please spread the word, and let's get something organized.


  1. Tracy--My husband says his aunt is buried in Hollywood Cemetery. He has family in Casey Hill too and we need to get in touch with someone who has info about them. We have the deed copies. Trying to get info and help anyone trying to get info. Please get in touch.

  2. Hi,

    Just finally located the death certificate of my half sister who is buried at 1936! Don't know where...the funeral home is gone...waiting for a call from the cemetery as find a grave had no listing of the plot. Who can help on this please email for names etc. Thank You!

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  4. Thank you for this post, Tracie. I am reaching out to the cemetary today because my grandmother's nameplate has fallen off along with many others I've seen. Also, some of the grave markers are overrun by dirt and ants. This is inexcusable. I'd like to know what steps you have taken on your end.