Friday, April 17, 2009

Helpful Links

Around the web many people have started gathering information and documenting Hollywood Cemetery.

Credit must go to Judy K. Brantley/Wilson, who has done a yeoman's job posting Hollywood burials at 3,498 names have been posted so far.  Without Judy, I doubt I would have figured out I had family buried there as quickly as I did. She's performed an amazing service, and is leaving a record future genealogists and historians will be very grateful for.

Larry Felton Johnson photographed parts of Hollywood Cemetery in 2007 and his blog posting has served as a meeting ground for several of us.

This article from 2002 in the Atlanta Jewish Times does a fantastic job explaining how Hollywood Cemetery devolved into its current state, the ineptitude of the current owners, and why the state of Georgia can't do anything about it. The article discusses how parts of the land have been sold off over the years (for taxes) and one parcel sold contained graves. Lovely.

The Secretary of State's office will probably do very little to help us, since Hollywood is a non-perpetual care cemetery (see ex-SOS Cathy Cox's statement in the above article), so I think the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division might be our best hope for help.

Do you know of any other helpful links? Please post them in comments and I will add them.


  1. Where would I go to find the original plot location for the grave sites sold. I'm interested in finding plot # B3-61, that's where my relative W.O. Fair is buried according to info I received years ago from the sexton at Hollywood.

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